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Trump Scorches BallsFacebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmail

I’m sure you all read my vital presidential tweets and know I worried those three shoplifters from the UCLA basketball team were going to show me up and not tell everyone how much they appreciated that I intervened with President Xi and saved their asses from ten years in a Chinese prison. They should’ve said so immediately. Don’t they have tweeters? Okay, maybe they were flying home and then were ordered to wait for someone to write their apologies for the press conference. But at least they did finally thank me for my efforts, and I tweeted for them to have a great life, and everything should’ve been wonderful. But bigmouth LaVar Ball, father of DiAngenlo, has been very insulting so I tweeted he’s “unaccepting of what I did for his son… (and) I should have left them in jail.”

That’s right. Disrespect me and I’ll scorch your ass. You know how I called Roseanne Barr a pig and more and said the same about lots of women and started calling my opponents Lyin’ Ted Cruz and Little Marco Rubio and Crooked Hillary Clinton and now short and fat Kim Jong Un is the Rocket Man. If LaVar Ball keeps implying that moves by UCLA and Chinese billionaires, who aren’t that much richer than I am, were what got those guys out of jail, I’m going to come up with a devastating nickname and tweet about him often. But my media people warn that’s just what he wants.

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