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Kim’s Big BombFacebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmail

You tell me not to make ballistic missiles, I create them. You tell me not to test them, I fire whenever I want. You tell me not to make nuclear warheads, I produce them. You tell me not to test them, this morning I tested one eight times more powerful than the bomb you dropped on Hiroshima. You tell me not to threaten you, I spit in your eye.

You told my grandfather what to do, he ignored you. You told my father what to do, he defied you. You mess with me, I’ll hurl thermonuclear war in your face. You say you’re going to rain fire on me, I’m betting you won’t. You’ll instead blather about how the Chinese must strangle us economically, but since our friends and neighbors generate ninety percent of our foreign commerce they’re not going to help you. They don’t want your foul breath near the Yalu River. You then say you’ll wage a trade war against China and cripple its economy. And that’ll damage yours. I doubt you’ll do that, and even if you do, our nuclear program will continue to grow apace.

Your president, the tweeter, accuses South Korea and China and his own country and others of bribing us to behave, and he’s right: we accept your money and then do what we want. We have to. Otherwise, you’d attack us. Your eternal presence and regular war exercises make it mandatory for us to deter you. What the hell would you do in my place?

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