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After my Fourth of July ICBM present to the United States I decided, little more than three weeks later, to air mail you another test, “a powerful sword for keeping peace,” and this one flew higher and longer than the last and, I’m confident, terrified those who live not only on the West Coast but deep in the American hinterlands and as well as warmongers on the East Coast. Our Russian and Chinese friends continue to do little but issue plaintive press releases to discourage us. Likewise, your hastily arranged firing, with South Korea, of live nonnuclear missiles into the nearby ocean is merely a pitiful expression of your inability to control our dynamic nuclear weapons program.

For those who want to scientifically chart our progress, please note that our Hwasong-14 missile, which can carry a “large-sized heavy nuclear warhead,” soared two thousand three hundred miles into the heavens and landed six hundred and twenty miles away, landing pretty near Japan which can do nothing but quake every time I send fire into the sky. As you know, when we change the trajectory of the missile, its warhead would land somewhere in your neighborhood. Even you imperialist Americans, who killed two million of us during the Korean War and leveled our nation, have already conceded I’ll have an operational nuclear ICBM by next year. But don’t worry. That’s not so much a threat as deterrence.

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