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For more than a year I’ve been sacrificing as I try to defend the United States of America from people who are unworthy of leading her. I couldn’t allow Hillary Clinton to become president since she was and is a lying, emailing warmonger, and I’m proud that days before the polls opened I altered the presidential election by educating the masses, who didn’t know but needed to, that I, James Comey, would again be unleashing my FBI to sniff out criminal behavior by Hillary that, sadly, we hadn’t been able to prove. Thankfully, lack of proof mattered not, and by undermining Hillary I delivered Donald Trump to you, the trusting but morally insufficient American people.

I continued my crusade – and it is nothing less – before and after the inauguration of Trump, and he knew that I with bated breath was beginning to corner his national security advisor, Michael Flynn, a loud and unstable lout who couldn’t have been trusted with sensitive national secrets, and wouldn’t anyway because he knew I could prove he’d had several pre-election meetings with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States. President Trump fired Flynn, after the general had lied to Vice President Mike Pence about this matter, and The Donald then summoned me to the White House.

I’m always honored to visit the world’s most important residence. It makes me feel even taller and more important than I already am. It also made me nervous when the president asked attorney general Jeff Sessions and White House chief of staff Reince Preibus to step out of the Oval House, leaving Trump and me to talk in private. Why wouldn’t he want two of his closest allies there?

“I hope you can let him go,” he said.

“Who, Mr. President?”

“Michael Flynn. He’s really a great guy, a patriotic American. He’s just a little hyper.”

Despite my stellar intellect and insight, I didn’t know what to say. I crossed my long right leg over the left. Trump squeezed his hands on his desk.

“I expect loyalty, Jim. I need loyalty. I demand it.”

“I’ll always be honest, Mr. President.”

“That’s good, Jim, honest loyalty.”

I wished I’d been wearing a wire. After all, I was in the FBI. And after the meeting I considered telling Jeff Sessions what happened but decided he’d alert Trump I hadn’t been loyal. Instead, I made notes. I carefully wrote what the president said and what I did and didn’t say and how uncomfortable I’d been, and I did this, as I just explained to the Senate Intelligence Committee, because I feared Trump “might lie about the nature of our meeting.” First, he had to fire me.

Now President Trump is calling me a liar and volunteering to testify before Congress. I’d like that. I hope he does have tapes and people can hear me telling the most powerful man in the world that I’m a champion of justice and decency. If that happens I can see Trump removed from office and a weak President Pence losing to the Democratic challenger in 2020, and I could be that guy if Hillary quits complaining and vigorously backs me.

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