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On a hot summer afternoon in the early sixties I’m standing on the green of a Sacramento public golf course and preparing to line up my putt when I glance right of the green at the maintenance man carrying a long sprinkler head. He’s sweating and looks tired and gray like Clark Gable did before dying a couple of years earlier. Every second I’m more amazed at the resemblance. This guy’s got star power too.

“Hey, hurry up and putt,” says Joe.

I ignore Joe and the other guys in our foursome and watch the man, in a soiled khaki uniform, push the sprinkler into the ground and walk toward his little tractor and trailer.

“Are you gonna putt?” says Joe.

“Look at that guy,” I say.

“What about him?”

“He’s a dead ringer for Clark Gable.”

“You’ve got sunstroke.”

“Sir,” I shout. “Just a minute, please.”

He ignores me and steps onto his tractor.

“Sir, Clark, Clark Gable, please hold on.”

I drop my putter and run toward the man who starts his little tractor and slowly moves away. Running hard in the heat I soon catch up, moving right up to him, and say, “Damn, this is unbelievable.”

Looking straight ahead, he says, “Get lost, kid.”

“But I thought you passed away.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Okay, let’s call the newspaper. Let’s call your wife and friends in Los Angeles.”

He keeps driving his little tractor, headed for the next fairway.

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