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“I know you’re just thrilled the president banished me from National Security Council meetings,” says Steve Bannon.

Standing several feet away, Jared Kushner examines the eminent advisor.

“I’m also certain you’re very proud to be the son-in-law of the most powerful man in the world. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You inherited wealth from your felonious father and political power from your fashionable wife. Congratulations.”

“Don’t impugn my father or I may trounce a fat old man,” says Kushner, tall and slender at age thirty-six. “I’m here on merit. The president wouldn’t otherwise give me so much responsibility.”

“You’re a Democrat temporarily cloaked as a Republican and your presence is a threat to my task of dismantling wasteful governmental agencies.”

“You’re a reactionary the public will never trust.”

“They trust me rather more than you.”

“Not true.”

“Americans want patriots like those who publish and read Breitbart.com,” says Bannon.

“We do need patriots but not conspiracy-loving fanatics who despise non-Anglo-Saxons.”

“I don’t hate them or you.”

“I hope not since Time asked if you were the second most powerful man in the world.”

“I may have been.”

“Certainly not anymore.”

“Right, that title’s temporarily yours along with Secretary of Everything.”


“Worried about the consequences.”

“The president wants us to get along,” Kushner says.

“But we don’t want to.”

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