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I just don’t know if I’m going to go along with the victorious class action lawsuit against Trump University and, like almost four thousand too-eager complainants, accept no more than ninety cents on the dollar from the man who fleeced us. I paid thirty-five thousand for the elite-level program and expected to turn my financial life around after two bankruptcies. Instead, President Trump gets to send his attorneys into court to proclaim he and they admit no fault while the snake-oil billionaire continues to proclaim if he weren’t so busy he’d take this case to trial and win easily. My lawyers and I – and I’m a lawyer, too – know I’d win and we could make this a criminal trial and convict The Donald of racketeering and make him pay more and apologize to all of us. Maybe Judge Alonzo Curiel is so accommodating because he wants to show he’s impartial despite candidate Trump last year saying Curiel couldn’t be fair since he’s a Mexican born in Indiana. Besides, how busy really is the president? He’s hitting the links as often as President Obama did.

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