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I know I promised to boycott Donald Trump events wherever they occur including the Capitol and White House. I refuse to dignify the man with my presence because I don’t believe anything he says. He’s abnormal, dangerous, a male chauvinist pig, an authoritarian racist, and he may be impeached because so many of his aides and advisors past and present have been in bed with Russian oil dealers and probably in collusion with Vladimir Putin and his agents when they hacked our democracy during the presidential election so they can lift our sanctions against Mother Russian oil. I know some of that still has to be proven, but I’ve got quite a nose for conspiracies and still believe years ago some U.S. intelligence agencies may have started the crack epidemic on my home turf in Los Angeles. I watch out for stuff like that. And as a strong black woman I say what’s necessary, like the other day when I called out Putin for attacking Korea. He won’t get away with that as long as Congresswoman Maxine Waters is on patrol.

Late last night, despite my promises to stay away, I read another outrageous tweet. He’s written so many I can’t remember the content – maybe it was another about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s low ratings as host of The Apprentice – but it doesn’t matter exactly what he said. He tweeted too much, so I called a dependable driver to take me to the White House. I knew The Donald would be up. I wish he’d sleep twenty hours a day and work four rather than the other way around.

“Maxine Waters, here to see President Trump,” I told the guard at the gate.

He called someone and returned to say, “The president doesn’t wish to see you.”

“Maybe he’d rather I post tapes of those Russian prostitutes he hired.”

The guard returned to the phone, pointing at me as he spoke, and came back to report, “The president will give you five minutes.”

While one secret service agent searched my purse, another asked, “You carrying any guns, knives, or other weapons?”

“Want me to disrobe and show you?”

“Go on,” he said, evidently not anxious to examine someone his grandmother’s age.

Four agents ushered me into the Oval Office, and two stayed as Trump stood, walked around his desk, and said, “Maxine, nice to see you.”

“We have urgent business to discuss, Donald.”

“President Trump, that’s the correct way to address me.”

“Fine, if you call me Congresswoman Waters.”


“I’m here to urge you to make the most patriotic sacrifice for your country.”

The president, who’s even porkier in person than on TV, said, “I have no intention of dying, especially while I’m the president.”

“I’m asking you to resign to save yourself and the nation a lot of pain and shame.”

“I beg your pardon, Congresswoman Waters, but you’re half-crazy, at best. The American people love me.”

“You follow the polls and know what they say: you’re the most unpopular new president since they started modern polling.”

“Those polls are rigged. I’m box office everywhere I go. People are crazy about me.”

“That support is from a minority.”

Wagging a short fat index finger, he said, “No, no, it’s mainly white, but plenty of blacks and Latinos, too.”

“I mean a minority of the citizens of this nation. Face it. You couldn’t repeal Obamacare. You don’t even have the support of your own party. And where’s your wall paid for by Mexico?”

“Most Republicans backed me in repealing Obamacare, and we almost got it done. It’s probably better to just let it self-destruct, anyway. And believe me, we’re gonna build that wall and the Mexicans will pay for it some way or other.”

“You ain’t gonna build a wall but you’re sure working hard to suppress black voters.”

“Not true. I’m only cleaning up the electoral process. Millions of fake ballots were cast in the 2016 election and all of them were by Democrats.”

“Nonsense, there’s no proof of that. Now, why are you so determined to avoid paying people a decent living wage?”

“You don’t understand business or you’d know low taxes for the wealthy create jobs and those jobs would be destroyed by high minimum wages.”

“You mean like the millions paid annually to corporate executives.”

“They make business happen. If one corporation doesn’t pay what they’re worth, another will.”

“Listen, Mr. President, you must come clean about your involvement with the Russians.”

“I’ve had no inappropriate contacts with the Russians and plan to build really great relations with them.”

“Maybe you didn’t personally commit treason, but some of those close to you probably did.”

“Time’s up, Maxine.”

“I’ve said about all I need to, Donald.”

“Heard it all before.”

“You’ll be hearing a lot more.”


“That’s where you’re headed, Mr. President.”

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