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(The following highlights are from President Donald Trump’s speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee in Washington, D.C. on February twenty-fourth.)

What a fantastic standing ovation. You’re incredible. And outside people are lined up for six blocks. Please, please sit down. You’re embarrassing me with all this love. But you won’t read about this tomorrow. The dishonest media will say I didn’t get a standing ovation. They’re the worst.

Thankfully, you conservatives are the best and like me want border security and a very, very strong military. Some consider that controversial, but you love your country and want to make America great again. The media didn’t want that. They didn’t think we could win. Every day they quoted consultants who are lousy at politics but great sucking up your money. They underestimated the power of the people.

We all need to understand. Fake news is the enemy of the people. And the media love reporting stories with no sources. They just make them up. They’re very dishonest people. They dropped the word “fake” and made my quote, “News is the enemy of the people.”

I’d never say that. I’m not against the media and the press. I don’t mind bad stories if I deserve them, and I love good stories but don’t get many of those. I’m only against the fake news media and the fake press. Fake. Fake. Don’t take out that key word.

I’m against people that make up stories and sources. They shouldn’t be able to use sources unless they use people’s names. If sources say Donald Trump is a horrible human being, let them say it to my face. There’d be no more sources without names. There are some sources as honest as the day is long. That’s great. But some are terrible, dishonest people who do a tremendous disservice to our country. If they had to print the names of sources, you’d see stories dry up like never before.

And remember those polls before the election, all those polls by the Clinton News Network – you’d think they’d fire their pollster. Look at CBS, ABC, NBC – same things. Their polls are so bad, so inaccurate, they create a false narrative that I’m not going to win, so you won’t go and vote. We have to fight them. They’re smart, cunning, dishonest.

They say we can’t criticize their dishonest coverage because of the First Amendment. I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it more than me. Who uses it more than I do? It gives me the right to criticize fake news. I’ve got to take them on. Many large media corporations have an agenda that is not your agenda or the country’s. They have a professional obligation to report the truth, but as you’ve seen in the campaign and up to this minute, they report fake news that doesn’t represent the people. We have to be honest.

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