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Everywhere I go people tell me, “I’m praying for you.” I appreciate that since I’m a compassionate guy. The world’s in big trouble but I’m going to make everything better. That’s what I do. I fix things. You should hear what I’ve been saying on the phone to world leaders. So many countries are taking advantage of us, practically everyone in the world. I’m going to fix that, but first I’m going to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger and his disastrous ratings after stepping into my too-big shoes as host of The Apprentice.

Some leaders are pretty good guys, especially Vladimir Putin. I talked to him the other day. Maybe a few Russians hacked into our electoral process but not Vladimir. That’s what I told him. It’s time to ease sanctions on some of his cyber-security firms. If they did intervene here, at least they helped the right side. We need to be friends with Russia. I don’t care some Republicans in the Senate, guys like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, want to keep punishing Russia economically. What have those two ever really accomplished? Nothing.

I know what counts, and am not worried the day after Vladimir and I talked the Russians increased rocket and artillery attacks on Ukrainian military positions. That’s not going to force me to sweep away major sanctions the Obama administration imposed after Russia liberated the Crimea and invaded eastern Ukraine. I’ll keep those sanctions for the time being so the Europeans don’t whine too much. But at some point, maybe when Russia backs off in Ukraine, I’ll normalize everything economically.

The people I’m likely to fix first, even before the North Koreans, are the Iranians. They test fired a ballistic missile, and I tweeted they’d been “PUT ON NOTICE” I may do something if they provoke us again. Are they crazy? They’ve already got the most one-sided nuclear deal in history and should be thankful and peaceful. They’d be starving now if Obama hadn’t saved them with a hundred fifty billion dollars. Sure, it was money from their oil, but we should’ve kept it until forcing them to make a good nuclear deal.

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