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Donald J. Trump is getting ready to have a really great time his first night in the White House and about to hit the sack with the force of an exhausted whale when he notices a paper pinned to the wall above the headboard. He grabs the paper, wondering, what the hell does it say? He may not like to read but he can and, in this case, does.

Dear President Trump,

By the time you notice this missive you will indeed be commander in chief of the United States of America. I salute you and promise to not quite so vigorously oppose you, as I otherwise will, if you remember and periodically acknowledge just a few numbers and what they really mean.

When I took office, the unemployment rate was seven-point-eight percent and now it’s four-point-seven.

When I took office, fifteen-point-seven percent of the population lacked medical insurance. Now, after several years of the Affordable Care Act – the odious Obamacare – only eight-point-six percent are uninsured.

By contrast, you take office two days after paying twenty-five million dollars to those you bilked through Trump University. You say you know you would win the case but are settling as a favor to the nation.

That isn’t true.


Barack Obama

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