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In a matter inextricably related to what will follow, let me first say that Dylann Roof, the white Neanderthal who murdered nine black worshippers in a Charlotte church last year, should be executed as soon as possible; his continued existence is an affront to civilized people everywhere. Jury deliberations about Roof’s fate begin next week.

The four black Neanderthals who in Chicago recently kidnapped and tortured a special-needs white teenager but didn’t kill him, should and will be convicted and tossed in prison until their racist hair turns gray.

The Roof murders underscore some of the anger in African American communities, though racial outrage is decidedly not confined therein. I just published a book, King Donald, about the presidential campaign, and have since frequently asked myself and others what they in turn ask me: how the hell is a racist ignoramus like Trump going to be the president of the United States? White anger, most of it economic but much also related to crime, partly answers the question.

I’m not going to mire myself or readers in endless confusing statistics, I’ll simply quote the 2015 FBI numbers about hate crimes: forty-eight percent were committed by whites and twenty-four percent by black. Since there are almost five times as many whites as blacks in the U.S., that means blacks commit hate crimes more than twice as often as whites. Also according to the FBI, in 2013 blacks murdered four hundred nine whites while whites killed a hundred eighty-nine blacks. Blacks therefore murder many times more whites than the reverse.

And in case African Americans are preparing another generally-loud lecture about the nation’s history of slavery and racism, be advised that the majority of whites are no longer particularly sympathetic to that argument and, instead, believe blacks in the United States today are responsible for their behavior. Whites are also repelled by the implication that “racism” is a flaw intrinsically confined to whites. Bullshit. Ask whites what it’s like to live in or near or visit the inner city inferno – see Chicago – that consumes blacks and whites or anyone else unfortunate enough to enter. If you’re Caucasian and righteously disagree, get your white ass into the ghetto and then preach. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.

Have you seen the live Facebook display of righteous black anger in Chicago? Check it out. Watch two male and two female blacks torture a retarded kid. Watch them force him to drink water out of a toilet bowl. Cringe as they punch and slap him. Grind your teeth as they wield a knife and cut off some of his hair in front, bloodying his scalp. Struggle to understand the primitive English of the guy who shouts, “Fuck white people, boy. Fuck white people, boy,” and link the kid’s treatment to the election of Donald Trump. One of the girls comments, “This is hilarious.” It ain’t hilarious. It’s horrific, and underscores the ignorance and violence rampant in inner cities, and, yes, inner cities is often a euphemism for areas where lots of black criminals live and prey primarily on other blacks, the overwhelming majority of whom are law-abiding.

If you want more punishment, find the tape of CNN host Don Lemon stating, “I don’t think it’s evil. These are young people who had bad home training.” Right, and Dylann Roof probably didn’t have a swell home, either.

Then, if you supported Bernie Sanders, as I did, shudder that the man you trusted exercised egregious judgment in selecting bigoted Symone Sanders as his national press secretary. During the same CNN farce noted above, listen to Symone Sanders assert, “We don’t know if it was a hate crime” before she revisits the travails of history.

Screw you, Dylann Roof and the four Chicago teenagers. Who knows what to say to ostensibly responsible people like Symone Sanders and Don Lemon. Maybe they should jump into a hot tub with Donald Trump and the Tea Party.

2015 FBI Hate Crimes Statistics

2013 FBI Murder Statistics by Race

Chicago Torture Live on Facebook

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