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For thousands of years the Jewish people have had a biblical right to Judea and Samaria, and since our grand defensive victory during the Six Day War in 1967 we’ve wielded not merely the moral but the political and military right to protect the rest of Israel by administering this land still inhabited by radicals hostile to our Jewish state which extends but ten slender miles from the border of the so called West Bank to the Mediterranean.

Many of our enemies, who are dark skinned and from authoritarian nations, have periodically tried to use the United Nations Security Council to denounce Israel for violations of international law, asserting we have no right to build settlements on occupied West Bank territory. We, however, have insisted upon the fundamental right of self-defense and continued to add housing units as one means of precluding another Holocaust. As prime minister of Israel, I, Benjamin Netanyahu, have embraced this duty above all others.

Until the administration of Barack Hussein Obama, we in Israel depended on our political friends in the United States. But just last week the Americans insulted their closest and only real friend in the Middle East, and the sole democracy, by ignoring their customary duty to veto another U.N. resolution proclaiming us criminals because we’ve approved plans to build several hundred more homes in East Jerusalem. The Obama-sullied Americans abstained. We don’t care. Indeed, we’ll build where we must. All of Jerusalem is ours. Palestinians who disagree should move elsewhere, and we may assist in this process.

Thankfully, President-elect Donald Trump denounced the United Nations for condemning our behavior, and we in Israel are most encouraged that a man who so adroitly lies and steals will soon be our guy in the White House and I’ll no longer have to address Congress to undermine the leader of the free world.

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