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I worry about our nuclear triad because I’m a strategic thinker. I knew what the triad was last year even though political enemies tried to use my words to make it sound like I didn’t. I did and I do and warn everyone that the United States must greatly strengthen and expand its land-based missiles, and submarine-launched missiles, and bombs and missiles dropped and fired from planes. Some weaklings say U.S. proliferation might lead to an arms race. Let it. We’ll outmatch and outlast them all. Who are they? Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and everyone else with nuclear weapons or ambitions. We rule this planet and, thank God, I’ll soon be commander in chief.

The ninety-nine-plus percent of you who lack my military expertise need to know that fifty years ago we had more than thirty-one thousand nuclear weapons. While it’s true Cold Warriors from that era complained about a nonexistent missile gap favoring the Soviet Union, now there really is a gap. We only have four thousand five hundred warheads and less than fifteen hundred are deployed. The Russians have meanwhile deployed more than fifteen hundred. That advantage may encourage them to attack Western Europe or even the United States. I can’t imagine my executive counterpart, Vladimir Putin, betraying me and going suicidal, but we’ve got to make sure he doesn’t. We do that by terrifying him.

While we modernize our missiles, submarines, bombs, and planes, I promise to tell Vladimir and the Chinese we’re all too smart to really mess with each other. That’s big boy deterrence. But I’m not going to say I won’t nuke ISIS. I want them to think I might. That’s bully boy nuclear strategy.

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