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I love public speaking, especially the first night of the Republican convention last summer. I’m at the podium and shouting lock her up and clapping with the audience, leading the chants. That’s right, I say, if I’d done a tenth what Hillary Clinton did I’d be in jail now. I know millions at home wonder who I am, and sense they’ll soon learn I’m a retired general who Donald Trump has just rejected as a running mate but promised another assignment after his certain victory in November.

Why am I so important? And have I really been less than a tenth as improper as Hillary in using classified information? Damn right I have. Hillary’s a member of the enemy camp and one who doesn’t know the difference between a lie and the truth. I love the truth and pursued it thirty-three years in the United States Army, studying hard in many colleges and training programs and earning promotions in peace and war. By 2009 I served as director of intelligence for the United States Central Command in Afghanistan. Everyone, except a few louts, considered me a highly capable intelligence officer, and I felt so confident that without permission I shared with Pakistan our U.S. intelligence capabilities regarding the hostile Haqqani network. Some hidebound officers complained that the Pakistanis’ Inter-Service Intelligence was little more trustworthy than Al Qaeda. I alone knew the right Pakistanis.

My critics and their investigations didn’t prevent my promotion to director of intelligence for the International Security Assistance Force. In 2010, during war, I shared vital information about the activities of various agencies including the CIA with our comrades the British and Australians. I’m proud of that. Some jealous little men initiated investigations that delayed by a year my inevitable promotion to director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Trust me, as Donald Trump does; I did a hell of a job.

Tragically, I was soon dealing with another member of the enemy camp, President Barack Obama, a liar who embraced a corrupt U.S. system and feared my powerful statements about the dangers of radical Islam. By 2014 he and his clique forced me out of my job and out of the army altogether. Another enemy, Colin Powell, sent emails saying he’d heard I was canned from the DIA because I abused staff members and didn’t listen and ignored policy and managed poorly and frequently spread untruths that became known as Flynn Facts.

Beware, President Obama didn’t want to know the truth about the growth of the Islamic State in Syria, and that our NATO ally Turkey was looking the other way. I was happy to get out away from all those losers and start an intelligence consulting firm. Last year I was invited to Russia to give a speech and sit with President Vladimir Putin at a party for the RT television network some claim he controls. So what? I was improving our relations with the largest nation on earth.

President-elect Donald Trump is positive I’ve made less than ten percent as many errors handling classified information as Hillary Clinton. And I’m certain to be a powerful force as national security advisor. Ignore those outranked officers who scoff they’re going to Las Vegas to wager a year’s salary I won’t last two years in the White House.

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