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Flying Shoes Prove President Bush Savior of Iraq

I’m an athlete with lightning reflexes so couldn’t help ducking when that Iraqi journalist jumped up calling me a dog and fired one then another shoe at my head. I wish I’d stood there and taken both soles in the chops. That would’ve even more strongly proved what I said it anyway did: Iraq is […]

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The Obama Store

I view myself, justifiably and with appropriate humility, as a transformational leader who shall reshape the world into a peaceful, affluent, and environmentally pure place. And I ask simply that you consider me thus rather than an incomparably cool and charismatic cat who on January 20, 2009 will spontaneously wield a magic wand to vaporize […]

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Letter to Oscar de la Hoya

I don’t watch many fights anymore. In a world offering the athletic brilliance of basketball and football, I’m just not as interested in men battering each others’ brains. It’s sometimes a thrilling spectacle, no doubt. And I won’t deny attending many fights live and rushing to closed circuit telecasts of Muhammad Ali epics and screaming […]

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