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Jack Palance Estate Auction

At age seventy-two, celebrating his Oscar for best supporting actor in City Slickers, Jack Palance launched himself onto the Academy Awards stage and cranked out several one-armed pushups.  I’d been proud to do those in my twenties.  Afterward, the two-armed variety was challenging enough, and before age forty I altogether abandoned the exercise as a […]

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Right Church

I didn’t know where to look. From first grade I’d gone to Catholic church. It was routine and boring with kneeling and standing while priests mumbled and hissed things not related to daily life. At monthly confession I felt they were snobby and unapproachable, especially when told had two sons and wasn’t married. They grilled […]

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A Book about the Talented but Tragic Rogers Family

Early this year I received an email from freelance writer Sean Harvey, who’d read my 2005 article about Donald Rogers, the college and pro football star and a champion in every sport he tried.  Of course, I told him.  I’d be delighted to reminisce about a man as memorable for personal appeal as his athletic […]

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Vincent Brothers Mass Murder Trial – Parts 9 & 10

This story is from “Vincent Brothers Mass Murder Trial” Source:

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Ahmadinejad and Bush Spar at the United Nations

In a startling (and heretofore unreported) miscalculation in security planning last week at the United Nations in New York, secret service agents led a rapidly-departing President George W. Bush right into the exit path of the man he most loves to talk about but least wants to talk to, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. President […]

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