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Dogfighting and Michael Vick

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to view the estimated forty thousand human participants in dogfighting in America as merely enthusiastic sports fans who seek compelling entertainment to escape their mundane worries?  There is some strained logic to support this assertion, which many of those involved believe and indignantly assert.  After all, the dogs are prime athletes, […]

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Is that Matt Damon

My painting is not one of the largest works in the museum at Stanford University, nor am I one of the celebrated artists on the premises.  Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera have infinitely more renown, and so do Rodin and his monumental sculptures of introspective people.  In this company, my 1911 self-portrait is understandably tucked […]

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Bill Walsh Remembers

I want to emphasize I’m writing this from the viewpoint of a competitive and even Machiavellian coach in the National Football League, not merely the genial elder statesman who in retirement kept an office at Stanford and watched film with and drew plays for some of the young coaches and begged their indulgence if I’d […]

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Tips on Dealing with Taxi Drivers in Mexico City

In order to help you avoid being overcharged, introduced to sexy but unscrupulous companions, ensnared in business ventures by smooth talkers, or kidnapped and robbed, I have compiled a nearly foolproof list of advice about how to deal with Mexico City taxi drivers, who, during my several trips to this magnetic metropolis, have been unsuccessful […]

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Eddie Hart’s Quest to be the Fastest

Since his youth in the schoolyard, where he always outran other kids to the finish line, Eddie Hart dreamed of someday becoming the Fastest Man in the World.  It is one of the most respected titles in sports – requiring a raw display of unequivocal athleticism – and rivals the significance (though not the celebrity) […]

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A World of Protests in Mexico City

“To the Museum of Modern Art, please,” I told the taxi driver. “I can’t go there.  The street’s closed.” “Paseo de la Reforma?” “That’s right.” “What’s going on?” “A big demonstration.” “What are they protesting?” “Don’t know.  I can’t keep track of all the protests.” “Please drive as close as you can, and I’ll walk […]

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Frida Kahlo Celebrates her 100th Birthday

Thousands of people every day line up outside Mexico City’s eminent cultural center – Palacio de Bellas Artes – then with reverence and enthusiasm enter the primary gallery where sixty-five oil paintings, declarations of my life, are displayed to celebrate not merely my aesthetic vision but my glamorous and wretched journey, and, I shudder, my […]

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