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Thanksgiving Dinner in the Park

Trees are everywhere and seem greener here than in most places and the air is fresh and clean.  It doesn’t matter that Los Angeles has the dirtiest air in the nation.  Fifteen miles north, in Pasadena, you can breathe as the trees caress you.  This is indeed such an enchanting place that the railroad Huntingtons, […]

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Dealing with NBA Players and Fans

Dozens of us were honoring a retiring colleague and had been too occupied with talk and tri-tip to watch televisions mounted high on the walls of a noisy franchise restaurant.  I’d only glanced at the basketball game a few times and last seen that the visiting Indiana Pacers were comfortably ahead of the Detroit Pistons […]

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Arnella Flynn, Too Much Like Errol

For decades the inside cover of Parade magazine has been like it is today, a page glistening with faces of beautiful and famous people.  And as I write this, one of those pages stands out more than hundreds of others I’ve read.  It was from an early 1970’s issue and featured the delightful image of […]

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Fear Not, California – Bakersfield Shall Save You

Have you been to Bakersfield?  Ask that of most people in California and they’ll say, “No, but I’ve been through it.”  They just kept on rolling over parched Central Valley earth en route to Los Angeles or the Bay Area.  Why didn’t they stop?  Perhaps they were startled or saddened by the eternal glare from […]

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What President Bush Really Said

Armed with a pocket-size and still top secret mind-reading device just developed by alarmed and bitter liberal scientists, this reporter attended President George W. Bush’s recent macho victory speech. It was a stirring event. The president looked tanned, rested, physically fit, sartorially sharp, and most of all he looked proud and happy. He had a […]

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Experimental Poll

Arturo Ali swore he hadn’t intended to further polarize a nation already overwrought by war, gaping deficits, inflammatory debates, repetitive stump speeches, self-righteous attacks by campaign staffs, and especially by talk radio hosts who could not be avoided since fanatical followers used their places of business as launch pads for ear-splitting drivel. Indeed, no man […]

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