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American Men

Adriana loved the United States and told everyone she’d never return to Colombia except to visit. She was studying advanced English in an adult school and planned to start a business after she met the right American man. She believed many would be interested since she’d had two husbands and numerous boyfriends in Colombia. Her […]

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Nobel Prize Knockout

That evening in Mexico City I witnessed a historical confrontation or, rather, a sucker punch in the dastardly vein of Pearl Harbor. At the time, as a callow young man teaching English in the exotic capital, I understood nothing of the significance of the event, and no one could have known – though some scholars […]

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Cocaine Budget

Prudent buyers know coke’s twenty-two hundred a kilo after harvest in Colombia, five grand in northern port of Cartagena, ten grand in violent Honduras, twelve in exotic Oaxaca, sixteen in Ciudad Juarez war zone, twenty-four in Dallas, home of America’s team, and twenty-seven thousand in New York City, where housing’s also damned expensive.

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Two Brides

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Colombian Dalliance

Thie story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Two Brides

pretty colombian bride returns to adult class for quick writing tip and says in college taking fifty units a semester to become nurse two years later pretty colombian bride decade older enters and signs same last name after class i ask if they’re related she frowns saying no and marches out next day after class […]

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