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Gasthaus Stiefler

Entering a solid two-story building that houses Gasthaus Stiefler on the ground floor, I survey several morning drinkers before walking to a stocky mid-sixties man made sterner by a frowning gray mustache, wait for him to take another sip of wine and set the glass down, and say, “Herr Customs Official, I have most important […]

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Himmler Visits North Korea

I’m tired of people joking the Reichsfuehrer SS once gagged and almost fainted after seeing some civilians shot. I did stagger, yes, but didn’t fall or vomit and, after being helped away and recovering, I sent orders to continue shooting. That’s such a slow and messy process, I know. We don’t have any gas chambers […]

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Taliban Tube

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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