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The People v. O.J. Simpson

I’m not watching that O.J. Simpson miniseries, not a single episode much less ten. They’re crazy offering more of something people saw too much of a generation ago. Why do they think there’s any interest? There isn’t, not on my part. I must’ve reflexively put The People v. O.J. Simpson in my Netflix queue because […]

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Bruce Jenner Opens Up

I was twenty-three in the spring of 1976 and often played basketball in the Sacramento State University gym and then drove to the all-weather track on the south side of campus and jogged before running wind sprints. People often complimented me for being in good shape, and I considered myself a stud but must’ve known […]

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Cruising O.J. Simpson’s House

In 1995 I squirmed through long and boring academic lectures at UCLA and dreaded a direct return to my motel room to await more punishment Sunday. I guessed it would be all right to drive over to O.J.’s house. I wouldn’t be like fools who a year earlier had converged on Brentwood to gawk right […]

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You’re O.J. Simpson

You’re O.J. Simpson and most of the world knows you’re an unconvicted killer.  You say you don’t care what people think because you’re innocent.  But you don’t feel innocent, and your guilt has long been eating you and left a hollow core inside a fattening and increasingly ridiculous man. You weren’t satisfied merely to beat […]

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The Continuing Decline of O.J. Simpson

Once, there was a better O.J. Simpson. I first learned about him in the mid-1960’s when he starred two years as a running back for City College of San Francisco. I was a teenage student in Sacramento and daily devoured the San Francisco Chronicle’s legendary green sheet sports section. And in certain editions, buried deep […]

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