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Trump Interviews John Bolton

I like saying, “You’re fired,” to people who aren’t on board with my views and I’m probably going to say that to my national security advisor, H.R. McMaster. He’s still an active general but no way does he understand war the way I do. And I also think John Bolton knows a lot more about […]

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Big Crowds for Bernie

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Bush Still Defends Invasion

Don’t blame me Iraq’s falling apart. I tried to save the country and make it free and prosperous in the twenty-first century and beyond, and would’ve been successful but early in 2009 I had to turn the White House over to Barack Obama, a liberal weakling, and conditions in Iraq deteriorated after he stuck his […]

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OBAMA ON EDGE in Trade Paperback

“OBAMA ON EDGE” will be available in trade paperback in about a week. We’ll be offering some review copies on Goodreads. George Thomas Clark on Goodreads

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Dick Cheney Speaks

Thank God I’m healthy and on TV to warn Barack Obama is lousy president and responsible for IRS persecuting conservatives and terrorists murdering several Americans in Benghazi. I, by contrast, am proud national security expert who protected you on 9/11 and strategic wizard who more than anyone, except underling President Bush, saved American lives by […]

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Diary of Osama bin Laden

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Dick Cheney Still on Guard

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Dick Cheney Intensifies Attacks on Lamont and other Enemies

Many cowardly liberal isolationists are demanding I apologize for accusing Ned Lamont of helping “Al Qaeda types” realize their “bet they can ultimately break the will of the American people” and ruin our ability to “stay in the fight and complete the task.”  I shan’t take that back nor my trenchant comment that the Democratic […]

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Dick Cheney on Maintaining the Good Life

This story is from the collection “Echoes from Saddam Hussein”