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George Thomas Clark Podcast #19 – Video Doctor

For the first time in my life, I went to the doctor via video camera. And it was enjoyable and informative as we dispensed with personal matters and discussed the coronavirus. Listen on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Google, and other Digital Platforms

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The Colonoscopy

“I’ve been waiting a long time,” Gerald said after being wheeled into the examination room. “We’re busy because Dr. Jackson’s the finest gastroenterologist in town,” said the nurse. “If there’s a polyp in your colon, he’ll find it.” “I’m real nervous.” “You’ll be fine. I’m giving you two medications for your nerves and two for […]

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Sensual Restoration

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Waiting Room

Waiting room roar: she cheats so does he they’re divorcing and lucky to escape. You can’t. Doctor always late and secretary refuses to shoot TV.

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Chimney Sweep

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Doctor Fears Naps

Dr. Jones had many patients but wanted more so hired and promoted until had four junior physicians, five nurses, three secretaries, and hundreds patients who on phone pushed variety of numbers before placed on hold and later told they’d missed appointment because Dr. Jones did not require harried staff to call and remind day before. […]

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This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Bashar al-Assad’s New Hippocratic Oath

bashar al-assad distinguished opthamologist has revised hippocratic oath at gunpoint demanding doctors foreswear treating injured patients in syrian hospitals

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