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Trump Pumps White Fertility

Worried and nervous but with hope I turn on my television to watch President Donald Trump, wearing pajamas in the White House presidential bedroom, speak about our national crisis. “Sometimes I wish I had a way to address an all-white audience,” he says. “If you’re nonwhite I can’t prevent you from listening but be forewarned […]

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Trump Assesses The Donald

I knew I was going to be a great president but, frankly, I’m far surpassing my own expectations and am rebuilding the nation and the world in ways I know are necessary. Let’s start with disastrous Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act I just I last week cut back because its author had lied to the […]

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Condom Cruz

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Ugandan Birth Control

ugandan mother of seven declines birth control so husband won’t beat again

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Red Light Rush Limbaugh

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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