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Code of The Letter

I’m Jeanne Eagels proud to report when I star in The Letter of 1929, before the Motion Picture Production Code lengthens dresses and stifles hearts to promote moral hypocrisy, we ignore melodramatic compromises and tell the truth about passionate, profane, and imperfect human beings. I’m relieved, for a moment, pumping several shots into my longtime […]

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Chapo Guzman’s Guest

I don’t know where I am. Maybe New York. It doesn’t matter. I can’t see anything but frosted glass and can’t talk to other prisoners. I only get out of my cell an hour a day and sometimes am so lonely and depressed I almost enjoy it when guards call me shorty or cabrón or […]

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In Sonny’s House

Late on the second to last night of nineteen seventy, unsatisfactorily loaded on wine and wanting something stronger, I drive for the first time to the fine Las Vegas house of my dealer and knock. We usually hook up at the casinos on the strip or tough bars on the west side of town. I […]

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Gypsies in Madrid

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Philip Seymour Hoffman

don’t want whole beer only half enough to roll

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Bobby Brown – The Whole Truth

Before presenting what Bobby Brown allegedly said and did, I must explain this book was originally conceived as an autobiography and author Derrick Handspike, according to his account, hung out with and interviewed the singer for a year, diligently wrote the book, and later squirmed as Brown and his advisers delayed final preparations for publication. […]

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