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Freedom of Trump

silicon valley better watch out either they stop censorship and bias against conservatives or they’ll face legislation i promised to fox news and other defenders of free speech at white house where google facebook and twitter weren’t invited

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Head on Rim

I was a newspaper correspondent in the summer of 1979 and assigned to go to a dormitory across the American River from Sacramento State University and get a story about any of the athletes preparing to compete the next day in the Golden West Invitational track meet for high school all stars. A meet official […]

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That’s My Dog

They didn’t have to say it but often did: Herb, you’re awfully lonely here; why don’t you get a dog? He knew what they meant. They might as well have said, Herb, you’re chubby and balding and rather shy; we don’t think you can keep a woman. Herb agreed. That was the rough part. He […]

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New Taliban

To everyone we say relax. We’ve changed and are now using social media. Friend us on Facebook. We deserve support. We’re not going to let anyone use Afghan soil to prepare an attack on other countries. We need peace. We’ve been fighting since birth. We’ll even talk to Obama and puppet Karzai. We’ll talk to […]

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Basketball at Caltech

This story is in the collection “Basketball and Football” You’re the basketball coach at Caltech and your most formidable opponents are not opposing players but the scientific and mathematical pedigree of a school that’s generated more than 30 Nobel Prize winners and accepts only students who project to play NBA ball in the classroom. Successful […]

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Facebook Flash

here’s picture of my buttocks fifty facebook friends click they like it

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TV from the Ass

tv ass aimed at toilet heads lack toilet ears for radio To see an image of “Toilet Heads” on Facebook, please click this link

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