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Fancy Letters from Bloomberg

When a guy’s worth sixty billion and rapidly spends five hundred million in a presidential primary he’s not going to mail you cheap sheets of thin paper. These ads are triple wide and firm. The first two-sided color production says, “Undefeated Mike Bloomberg – He Beat the NRA – He Beat The Coal Lobby – […]

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Trump Tweets Golden State

shape up california you’re burning billions of federal dollars and still can’t fight deadly fires only way i can teach you is to cut off funding and warn you to quit calling me ignorant

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Inside Fire

Last Friday lightning ignites dry hills near Prescott and we twenty guys in Hotshot Crew put on helmets, backpacks, and other gear, preparing to stop or at least limit fire threatening to destroy homes and thousands of acres. We drive into hills and Sunday afternoon turn on chainsaw to rip incendiary chaparral from earth and […]

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Assessing Yarnell

On June 18 my cousin, Carolynn, a retired nurse living in Prescott, Arizona sent this email: “A wildfire broke out yesterday around noon and came over to my side of the mountain by evening. Fear is not a common emotion for me to feel, but feel it I did as I hurriedly packed to evacuate. […]

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Bangladeshi Clothes

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Honduran Heat

Honduran money’s in few hands closed to rusty prison where every cell’s sealed and sole set of keys dropped by guard fleeing fire. Outside, guards blocked firefighters and shot at few prisoners not trapped in cells. Most screamed as fried or suffocated but quit carrying on when charred in stacks totaling three hundred fifty-five stinking […]

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