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Budrus 2099

I’m tired of my parents telling me how lucky I am to live in a country with the highest per capita income in the world. I’m bored with reminders that life is infinitely easier for me than it was for my great grandparents. Too often I must endure the same stories about how they risked […]

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Psychiatrist Assesses Nidal Hasan

Prominent psychiatrist Dr. Joseph McClellan comments below about Dr. Nidal Hasan, the army psychiatrist who, during a rampage early Thursday afternoon November fifth, reloaded two automatic pistols to sustain fire on unarmed soldiers in a medical facility at Fort Hood, Texas, killing at least thirteen and wounding more than thirty. As I addressed the media […]

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Franklin Roosevelt’s Assessments on the 70th Anniversary of World War II

Too often, I think, my fellow Americans view World War II as having begun that frightful Sunday morning December seventh, 1941 when carrier-based Japanese warplanes, in an unprovoked and dastardly attack on the United States fleet in Pearl Harbor, killed two thousand four hundred people, destroyed or damaged fifteen warships, and demolished almost two hundred […]

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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Warns You

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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The Mandate: Israel and Palestine Form One State

Really, I don’t like interceding.  I would’ve preferred to continue my anonymous visits to this biblical land but, after decades of Israelis slaughtering as many as they dared and Palestinians wishing they could’ve killed more, I must no longer remain divinely detached.  I naturally favor neither side; I embrace both.  That many consider my embrace […]

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President Ahmadinejad Calls Obama

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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President Bush Strives to Ensure Iraq’s Future

This story is from the collection “Echoes from Saddam Hussein”

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President Bush Rebukes Arabs on Israel’s 60th Birthday

This story is from the collection “Echoes from Saddam Hussein”

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Ahmadinejad and Bush Spar at the United Nations

In a startling (and heretofore unreported) miscalculation in security planning last week at the United Nations in New York, secret service agents led a rapidly-departing President George W. Bush right into the exit path of the man he most loves to talk about but least wants to talk to, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. President […]

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Grand Speeches

This story is from the collection “Echoes from Saddam Hussein”

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Osama bin Laden to Sue Al Qaeda Franchises

This story is from the collection “Echoes from Saddm Hussein”

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Consequences of Defeat in Iraq

This story is from the collection “Echoes from Saddam Hussein”

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Why Israel and Palestine Must Become One State

In April last year I wrote a column noting there will always be intolerable discord between Jews and Arabs until Israel helps Palestine build a free and independent state.  This is not a fantasy…fantastic is the continuing belief that current trends will ever lead to peace.  Growing numbers of Israeli Jews want Israeli Arabs to […]

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Mel Gibson to Bring Peace to Middle East

I’m an alcoholic.  I’ve been an alcoholic all my adult life, and my disease has been a battle.  I’ve battled it to stay sober and when intoxicated I’ve struggled to get drunker.  I’m the same as any other drunk.  It doesn’t matter that I’m rich and famous and handsome and a renowned authority on religious […]

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Hamas Leaders Debate their Historic Victory

Two high ranking Hamas officials yesterday debated the meaning of their party’s recent landslide victory over Fatah in the Palestinian elections.  One of the officials is associated with the military arm of Hamas and the other is involved in social services.  Both demanded anonymity. Military Official – Now the Israelis will have to yield to […]

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President Bush Identifies Monolithic Terrorism

This story is from the collection “Echoes from Saddam Hussein”

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Why Israel Should Help Build an Independent Palestine

Last week in Texas, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made simple statements that are simply incomprehensible: Israel will be withdrawing from Gaza this summer; but his nation must build new housing in the West Bank to establish an “unbroken presence” from Jerusalem to a community called Maale Adumim.  Unfortunately, by so doing, Israel would be continuing […]

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Explosions and Elections in the Middle East

Several days ago Iraqi insurgents in Hilla detonated a massive car bomb scattering body parts and clothes onto a street puddled with blood.  About one hundred twenty people died and many more were wounded.  Most of the victims – typically – were unarmed, unprepared, and lightly guarded recruits for the army and police.  They were […]

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