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Stand Back and Stand By

Donald Trump is not only the greatest president, economics wizard, and strategic thinker we’ve ever had, he’s by far the finest debater. Trump would have hogtied Abraham Lincoln and shouted him down every time he opened his bearded mouth. Joe Biden, no Lincoln even before senility eroded Crazy Joe’s modest gifts, is in even bigger […]

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Fancy Letters from Bloomberg

When a guy’s worth sixty billion and rapidly spends five hundred million in a presidential primary he’s not going to mail you cheap sheets of thin paper. These ads are triple wide and firm. The first two-sided color production says, “Undefeated Mike Bloomberg – He Beat the NRA – He Beat The Coal Lobby – […]

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Bernie in Bakersfield

No, I better not go. I think I’m too busy. But busy doing what? I’ve been writing about Donald Trump for several years and working to finish my second book about the blowhard from Queens. I can’t sit at my computer when Bernie Sanders is just a few miles away and soon to speak. I […]

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Trump Irritated by Democrat Debate

What a ridiculous debate, just like the one the night before. The Democrats don’t have anyone with remotely my star power. But that’s not their biggest problem. With their crazy policies, they couldn’t beat me if they nominated George Washington. Right away the candidates started arguing about who’d be better at spending trillions of dollars […]

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Trump Climate

i read little of climate report from three hundred scientists and then shoved it into dark place

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Scott Pruitt Pollutes EPA

As attorney general of Oklahoma I shoved environmental fanatics out of my office, buried them somewhere else, and established a special unit to destroy the tree-hugging, jobs-suppressing policies of Barack Hussein Obama. Oil and gas companies knew I was right and contributed more than three hundred grand to my campaigns and applauded each of the […]

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Mighty Morals

I accept your passionate call to step in and stop the investigative nonsense that’s enveloping this nuclear nation of bluenose hypocrites. First, we don’t need to know if Donald Trump twelve years ago had a quick roll in the sack with stripper and porn star Stormy Daniels. We also don’t need to know if, during […]

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Trump Assesses The Donald

I knew I was going to be a great president but, frankly, I’m far surpassing my own expectations and am rebuilding the nation and the world in ways I know are necessary. Let’s start with disastrous Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act I just I last week cut back because its author had lied to the […]

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Trump Goals

i’m gonna slash arts strangle public broadcasts squash state dept and smother epa

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Trump Stake

if tied to stake on pacific beach would trump still proclaim water ain’t risin’

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Bakersfield Number One

Bring out the beer, boys, Bakersfield’s number one again. You see the report? We got the highest rate of auto theft in the United States. My buggy was ripped off last month. I love it. We also got the dirtiest air in the country. And as more of our teenage girls get knocked up we […]

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Saber-Tooth Cat Revisits Red Rock Canyon

Let me clarify this point: I like to be called saber-toothed cat. Do not call me a Smilodon, that pompous academic name thrown at us by humans who’ve lived such a short time compared to the millions of years various branches of my family survived and flourished in a world far more beautiful than the […]

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Chevron Tests Aftereffects of Oil Wells in Ecuador

chevron swears did not contaminate land and water in amazonian northeast ecuador then have drink say plaintiffs chevron says not thirsty but water fine watch this throws rock does not sink Source: “Reversal of Fortune” by Patrick Radden Keefe in The New Yorker January 9, 2012

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