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Before Kickoff

on their knees players stand tall for nation

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Al Sharpton v. Jesse Jackson

Bill Jones, mayor of a small town in the Midwest, made some controversial remarks about integration of schools and neighborhoods, and three hours later Jesse Jackson’s jet skidded into the local airport, which has a notoriously short runway for even small private aircrafts, and in less than a minute the reverend emerged, waved to more […]

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Cassius Clay Again

This story appears in the boxing collection “Death in the Ring.”

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Update Martin Luther King Speech

a million die by 1966 day i deliver “beyond vietnam a time to break silence” declaring poverty inevitable in “society gone mad on war” and still i see america attacks to feed “giant triplets of racism materialism and militarism” Editorial Note: This poem is revised and reduced from the original posted in January 2012.

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Women in Television News

In the vast and luxurious clubhouse of Seven Oaks Country Club, the League of Women Voters of Kern County hosts three female veterans of television news broadcasting in Bakersfield. Prior to their appearance the audience is treated to cashews and cake and a political history lesson: eleven states allowed women’s suffrage before the Nineteenth Amendment […]

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Calling Martin Luther King

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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