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Triumph in Tulsa

No need to mention there are a helluva lot of empty seats in the upper deck of the Tulsa arena but I do hint by saying some bad people attacked our town tonight. Or, I’m thinking, maybe some tough Tulsans believe Democrat propaganda this county has the highest number of coronavirus cases in Oklahoma and […]

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Attorney General at the Border

Astride a beautiful large gray horse and wearing an elegant suit gray as Robert E. Lee’s uniform, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions patrols the border, looking for intruders. I pity his prey. Sessions appears warrior enough to slay any foe. In each hand I wave a white paper overhead and shout, “Don’t shoot, sir. I just want […]

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An Honorable Man

In the mid eighteen fifties, near the grand columns of Arlington House in Virgina, about seventy of us stand before our master George Parke Custis and feel great joy as he says, “When I pass from this earth, you shall all be free.” “Did Master write his instructions so his heirs would understand?” I stun […]

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Robert E. Lee Rides Again

i general robert e lee statuesque astride my stallion order you not to remove me from charlottesville or complain i shattered families selling my slaves and petitioned to overturn five year limit on those i inherited alas i lost in court and on battlefield but war continues as confederate car attacks enemies of our privileged […]

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Ulysses S. Grant v. Robert E. Lee

Goddamn, here I am riding an unruly horse, blasted by a migraine worse than normal and not merely from drinking, and headed for the home of Wilmer McClean in Appomattox and confused why the hell I let General Robert E. Lee choose the location for his surrender. Maybe he doesn’t really intend to quit. After […]

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Cable Wars

Ben loves war documentaries especially those with Alexander riding Bucephalus into hostile flanks, and Washington rousing frozen untrained troops, and photogenic Grant and Lee posing before ordering slaughter of several hundred thousand young men, and grainy Great War footage showing death in fetid trenches, and better films of proud performers Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Roosevelt, and […]

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