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Who Really Has Produced the Most Jobs?

Why has the U.S. economy fared so much better under Democratic presidents than Republicans? The New York Times offers data proving what many of you have periodically read over the years. During Democratic administrations far more jobs have been created than under Republican presidents. Is that a coincidence? Not when the data cover Franklin Roosevelt […]

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Alarm Radio

Another tardy, you’re fired, boss told me. Sir, I’ve been both diligent and creative. Alarm radio was problem but I stopped listening to wakeup news which interested too much to get up until fell back asleep. Rock and classical music also soothed return to slumber. Then tried country music, which had hated, but soon loved. […]

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Security Dreams

Night before first day as security guard John seldom stopped twisting and wife retreated to sofa. After work he happily returned home and reported job wasn’t stressful as anticipated. Few weeks later he began to occasionally snooze at post. Following month someone used cell phone to immortalize peaceful John on Facebook. In morning boss fired. […]

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Executive Confusion

New executives understand little about business yet often rudely give nonsensical orders to experienced professionals. Pros are quite upset but executives proclaim way of future. They never actually learned any way but no matter since all have special degree authorizing to transform ignorance into arrogance. Expect more problems until system changes. It will change when […]

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money men who rage against crime appreciate stylish new gallows on wall street

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Retirement Express

Harold was usually nervous at work and home, worrying he couldn’t survive ten more years arrogant supervisors, indifferent coworkers, and rude customers, so started naps after work and earlier bedtimes and weekends in bed sleeping away years thankful to miss.

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Quitting Time

avoid and digress until time to quit

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Work and Retirement

Bill liked job until Thursdays when mind and body tired. Then he craved weekends but got bored by Sunday afternoons. He fantasized about learning to enjoy free time, and made lists of activities, but had been profligate in youth and could not retire.

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Animals in Office

swine snorts at talent wish i’d wonder if too late reptile darts and hisses insinuating problems exist wish i’d wonder if too late hyena snarls at herself through others wish i’d wonder if too late

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Alarm Radio

another tardy you’re fired boss told fred sir i’ve been creative as well as diligent in this matter alarm radio was problem but stopped listening to wakeup news which interested me too much to get right up until fell back asleep rock and classical music soothed into slumber then tried country which had hated but […]

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