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Bernie Announces

Don’t try to talk to me unless you’re wearing a surgical mask. I wouldn’t hear you then and don’t want to now. I don’t care I lost Florida by forty points and also got hosed in Illinois and Arizona and now trail Joe Biden by three hundred delegates. That’s irrelevant. What do you mean what […]

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State of the Trump

Look at those Democratic ladies dressed in white flags of surrender during my State of the Union address. They know I’ve given Americans their best wages in decades and an economy growing almost twice as fast as when I took office. Some say I inherited a good economy. Not as good as the one we’ve […]

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Trump Economics

my tax cuts increased deficits while trade wars inflated steel cutting five gm plants in u.s. and fourteen thousand jobs

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Trump on Election Day

I’m up early because I couldn’t sleep last night after Sean Hannity shined my butt at an election rally and now my tweeter’s hotter than ever telling patriots this Republican candidate’s great and that one’s wonderful and those others are important and it’s vital to get out and vote because my name is really the […]

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The Booming Economy

(These are highlights from my conversation with an economist who graduated from an elite university, served on public policy staffs during the administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, and later consulted international businesses.) George Thomas Clark – Okay, I read your recent newspaper columns about economics and foreign policy, respectively. You emphasize what President […]

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Pastors Visit White House

Thank you inner city pastors for being black and brown in my White House so I can tell you I’ve cut taxes, reduced regulations, increased American industry, and promoted manufacturing to create almost four million jobs since I was elected, lowering black and Hispanic unemployment rates to lowest levels in recorded history.

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Joe Six Pack Reports

I’m excited looking at an email from Team Trump. They need our participation “because we’re close enough to change everything.” And we have to. “Illegal voting in the United States wreaks havoc with elections. Every election… it seems we rarely get our candidates elected.” Damn right “it’s time we do something about this.” Team Trump […]

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Latin Presidente

harvard harris poll reveals hispanic support for trump up ten percent

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Trump Surge

hey hope you’ve noticed my approval’s back over forty percent and people like my economy and jobs and tax cuts so you tell me which demo can beat me in three years

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What About Predatory Women?

Envision those male politicians, corporate bosses, and college administrators who enjoy flagellating themselves and other men while females of all ages and stations help them lay on the whip. Right now, that’s the self-righteous, politically essential, and cool thing to do. Make believe that most men are beasts and most women aren’t. Pretend the fair […]

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Economic Delights

president trumpets continued unemployment declines initiated by obama and celebrates many stock market highs that could challenge annual record set in nineteen twenty-eight but not clear if president also worries about events the following year

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Andrew Puzder Laid Off

To hell with it. I’m relieved some Republican senators have sided with moronic fast food workers and forced me to withdraw before I could be confirmed as head of the Department of Labor. They’d have been lucky to have me. I’m a certified business wizard who pulled Hardee’s out of the dumpster and made their […]

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Obama’s Letter to Trump

Donald J. Trump is getting ready to have a really great time his first night in the White House and about to hit the sack with the force of an exhausted whale when he notices a paper pinned to the wall above the headboard. He grabs the paper, wondering, what the hell does it say? […]

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Laboring for Andrew Puzder

Most of you still don’t know me but soon will since President-elect Trump asked me to be his Secretary of Labor. He knows I’ll put America back to work. I’m an expert worker and CEO of the restaurant holding corporation that includes Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. I understand business and money and jobs. Listen to […]

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La Cubana

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Ted Crucifies Obama

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Ben Carson’s Greatest Operation

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Alarm Radio

Another tardy, you’re fired, boss told me. Sir, I’ve been both diligent and creative. Alarm radio was problem but I stopped listening to wakeup news which interested too much to get up until fell back asleep. Rock and classical music also soothed return to slumber. Then tried country music, which had hated, but soon loved. […]

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Security Dreams

Night before first day as security guard John seldom stopped twisting and wife retreated to sofa. After work he happily returned home and reported job wasn’t stressful as anticipated. Few weeks later he began to occasionally snooze at post. Following month someone used cell phone to immortalize peaceful John on Facebook. In morning boss fired. […]

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Executive Confusion

New executives understand little about business yet often rudely give nonsensical orders to experienced professionals. Pros are quite upset but executives proclaim way of future. They never actually learned any way but no matter since all have special degree authorizing to transform ignorance into arrogance. Expect more problems until system changes. It will change when […]

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money men who rage against crime appreciate stylish new gallows on wall street

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Retirement Express

Harold was usually nervous at work and home, worrying he couldn’t survive ten more years arrogant supervisors, indifferent coworkers, and rude customers, so started naps after work and earlier bedtimes and weekends in bed sleeping away years thankful to miss.

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Quitting Time

avoid and digress until time to quit

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Work and Retirement

Bill liked job until Thursdays when mind and body tired. Then he craved weekends but got bored by Sunday afternoons. He fantasized about learning to enjoy free time, and made lists of activities, but had been profligate in youth and could not retire.

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Home Escape

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Animals in Office

swine snorts at talent wish i’d wonder if too late reptile darts and hisses insinuating problems exist wish i’d wonder if too late hyena snarls at herself through others wish i’d wonder if too late

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Alarm Radio

another tardy you’re fired boss told fred sir i’ve been creative as well as diligent in this matter alarm radio was problem but stopped listening to wakeup news which interested me too much to get right up until fell back asleep rock and classical music soothed into slumber then tried country which had hated but […]

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