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Tiger’s Green Jacket

I can’t sleep. I’d get up and do something if I could but my back’s too sore. It hurts all the time. I’ll take another pain pill or two. I’ll take whatever’s necessary to quit hurting. I think my mind hurts more than my back. What I’ve got to do is quit thinking. This all […]

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Trump Denounces Bezos

I’m not only protecting you against invaders I’m battling enemies right here at home. One of the most dangerous is Jeff Bezos, a lousy businessman who needed lots of luck and cheating to amass a fortune of a hundred sixty billion and employ six hundred thousand people. The United States Postal Service subsidizes Bezos and […]

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Tiger Woods on the Prowl

Few in any sport have exerted the gravitational pull of red-shirted Tiger Woods on championship Sundays. For twelve years he dominated the landscape, shooting eighteen under par to demolish the field in his first professional Masters, inventing the Tiger Slam, an unprecedented four straight majors over two seasons, and seizing fourteen majors and dozens of […]

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The Honor of a Lady

Soon after his wealthy father died, I married Truxtun Beale and we moved to Washington, D.C. where I spent much time alone in his mother’s elegant Decatur House, across from the White House, while he traveled to Central Europe and Siberia and other rough places he couldn’t take me. In two years we nevertheless managed […]

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Loving Lana Turner

I’m just Judy Turner being followed by boys down the halls of Hollywood High and that’s pretty good but not nearly as exciting as when a reporter spots me cutting class in a cafe and sends me to an agent. Right away MGM signs me and says I’m one of the most beautiful women in […]

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Presidential Behavior

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Patio Guest

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Birthday Bash

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Slab Man

My husband left me last night not for another woman but because he just found out I loved his best friend but that shouldn’t have mattered much since that guy’d dumped me a couple of weeks earlier. I sure was feeling bad this afternoon and told my boss I had a fever and needed to […]

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Freud and Wife Visit Picasso

In Paris Lucian and I again socialize with other glamorous and creative people, and most mornings he paints while I write, imagining myself a female Fitzgerald thirty years after Scott brought exotic but doomed Zelda to this marvelous city. Several Parisiennes tell me Lucian and I might be an even more dazzling couple. Within a […]

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Inside Lucian Freud’s Studio

Don’t burden me with bourgeois morality. I’m going where excitement is, Lucian Freud’s London studio, and don’t pretend he’d respect mine if I had one and the door was open. Tonight’s perfect. I hear the rascal’s out of town. Walking up six flights of stairs I tinker with the lock and saunter in. I shan’t […]

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Margaret and Bill

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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