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Bernie in Bakersfield

No, I better not go. I think I’m too busy. But busy doing what? I’ve been writing about Donald Trump for several years and working to finish my second book about the blowhard from Queens. I can’t sit at my computer when Bernie Sanders is just a few miles away and soon to speak. I […]

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Why Saudi Oil was Attacked

You want to know who is responsible for the drone strikes that blasted the world’s largest oil distribution facility and temporarily knocked out half of Saudi Arabia’s production. Let’s follow the trail. China, Russia, the United States, and Europeans allies bargained arduously with Iran and in 2015 the nations signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of […]

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I’m No Bitch

Who the hell’s Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard? She’s a nobody who better quit calling me “Saudi Arabia’s bitch” or I’ll soon be telling you plenty about this sneaky woman in a hula skirt who wants to be president. Let’s be honest. You love oil and you need it. You want to walk? Better thank my Saudi […]

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Diplomatic Dandy

i made deals and scared terrorists in middle east before jetting to europe to celebrate my making nato great again

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Green Speak

at green party convention in smoky red bakersfield jill stein declares make frigging wars for oil obsolete

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson rides a fast elevator to the world’s most vital place, the Trump Tower office of Donald J. Trump. “Welcome, Rex.” “I’m honored to be here, Mr. President.” “Ever see anything this majestic?” “Sure, I’ve been to the Krelim many times, but this place is awful nice, too.” “That’s why you’re here. We need […]

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General Aladeen Assails Sacha Baron Cohen and “The Dictator”

Obscene, self-righteous, and unfunny Sacha Baron Cohen has earned a few hundred million dollars, in movies “Borat” and “Bruno,” by insulting rubes in Kazakhstan and the United States, and then either deflecting or burying their lawsuits. Now you can be assured that I, General Aladeen, supreme leader of Wadiya, will by all necessary means forever […]

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America to Afghanistan

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Spanish Influenza – Part 2

good morning spanish influenza says entering healthy young adult hearts pump lungs full fatal fluid that evening or next eighty million perish worldwide most in frenetic ninety days twenty million in october ‘eighteen india about seven hundred thousand in u.s. bakersfield pummeled more still in oilfields where filthy makeshift hospitals hold tough young immigrants prior […]

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Chevron Tests Aftereffects of Oil Wells in Ecuador

chevron swears did not contaminate land and water in amazonian northeast ecuador then have drink say plaintiffs chevron says not thirsty but water fine watch this throws rock does not sink Source: “Reversal of Fortune” by Patrick Radden Keefe in The New Yorker January 9, 2012

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Outline J. Paul Getty

don’t bother biography j paul getty only need remember earned billions threatened employees spending company dimes and when young women rebuked for ignoring replied i shall miss you my dear

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Crude Power

crude power to bribe conceal and repress

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