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Inside Lucian Freud’s Studio

Don’t burden me with bourgeois morality. I’m going where excitement is, Lucian Freud’s London studio, and don’t pretend he’d respect mine if I had one and the door was open. Tonight’s perfect. I hear the rascal’s out of town. Walking up six flights of stairs I tinker with the lock and saunter in. I shan’t […]

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Freudian Advice

Sigmund Freud occasionally injected small amounts of cocaine under skin and effused it magically cured depression and induced euphoria while giving strength and endurance of ox. Believing delights caused “absolutely no craving” he wanted to share with fiancée he warned would soon kiss quite “red” to prove “big man with cocaine in body” is stronger […]

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Lady for Lucian Freud

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue”

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