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Call from Above

Pushing the telephone at her husband, she says, “Donald, John McCain wants to speak to you.” “Knock it off, Melania.” She puts the phone to her ear and listens again. “He insists, Donald.” “I don’t like pranks,” he says, taking the phone. “Who the hell’s this? You want the secret service on your tail.” “Look […]

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Trumpcare in Action

President Donald Trump arrived at a large medical clinic in your state this morning and immediately donned a green surgical gown and cap, scrubbed his hands ten minutes, and barged into a packed waiting room. “Good morning, everybody,” he said. “I’m here to accept your thanks for repealing Obamacare and creating much better health care […]

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Trump Care

support starved trump dodges house vote warning obamacare soon to explode on democrats

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Obama’s Letter to Trump

Donald J. Trump is getting ready to have a really great time his first night in the White House and about to hit the sack with the force of an exhausted whale when he notices a paper pinned to the wall above the headboard. He grabs the paper, wondering, what the hell does it say? […]

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Interviewing George W. Bush

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Red Light Rumble

Food and decorations rolled into the house for my wife’s birthday party that evening, and I, a preoccupied sort, only then realized I hadn’t chipped in. “Sorry, I’ll go to the bank.” “No, tomorrow,” she said. “Right now.” “Later.” I was already opening the interior door to the garage, a little after noon, and drove […]

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Death of a Teacher

Immersed in my own trivial but heartfelt concerns, the principal of which was that my six-week summer vacation had, as ever, lasted at least a fortnight too long and, despite a couple of stimulating vacations, left me feeling isolated and resentful and anxious to return to the camaraderie and energy of a large adult school. […]

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