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Trump Tweets Rob Porter

I’m tweeting and shouting that lives and careers are being shattered by mere allegations, some true, some false, some new, some old, and I want to know what happened to due process. Doesn’t Rob Porter deserve to be innocent until proven guilty? Sure, I’m the big boss but retired general John Kelly, my chief of […]

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Parking Lot Painter

No one buys my oil paintings on canvas. No one buys my acrylics. No one buys my watercolors. No one hires me to paint murals. They’re all fools. I have great work crying to be seen, and I prove it every weekend at street painting festivals all over. We don’t actually paint. We draw, usually […]

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Callejon del Beso

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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This story is from the collections “The Bold Investor”

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