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Marilyn Reverses Niagara

On a scenic trail near powerful Niagara Falls I’m kissing my very handsome young boyfriend and we’re planning what to do about my husband Joseph Cotten who’s been released from an army psychiatric hospital but is even worse now, a haunted man wandering around early every morning, and later today he scares guests in our […]

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Inside Lucian Freud’s Studio

Don’t burden me with bourgeois morality. I’m going where excitement is, Lucian Freud’s London studio, and don’t pretend he’d respect mine if I had one and the door was open. Tonight’s perfect. I hear the rascal’s out of town. Walking up six flights of stairs I tinker with the lock and saunter in. I shan’t […]

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Supermarket Bulletins

In supermarket checkout headlines and color photos pronounce this star’s fatter than you, that one’s more wrinkled, both had botched plastic surgery, another’s anorexic, he’s drunk, they’re addicted, she’s in treatment, he’s in jail, she’s spendthrift, he’s abusive, she’s vain, he’s unfaithful, she’s gay, wonder what rag publishers are like.

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Executive Confusion

New executives understand little about business yet often rudely give nonsensical orders to experienced professionals. Pros are quite upset but executives proclaim way of future. They never actually learned any way but no matter since all have special degree authorizing to transform ignorance into arrogance. Expect more problems until system changes. It will change when […]

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Profile of a Suit

if he bombs pollutes and steals he’ll be wearing a suit

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Munch on Canvas

This story is from the collection “Paint it Blue”

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are you perchance a difficult person

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What Game

what’s your name i asked what’s your game she replied i’m not telling someone said

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Lady for Lucian Freud

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue”

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there is no he only twisted dogma

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Hungry Eyes

hungry eyes consume faces

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Hires Basketball Guru

This story is in the collection “Basketball and Football”

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