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Trump and Fauci in Private

Hooded and handcuffed, Dr. Anthony Fauci is hustled into a dimly lit interior White House room where President Trump dismisses two secret service agents and rips off the little man’s hood, saying, “We’re gonna talk.” “Okay, fine, Mr. President. But how about removing these handcuffs?” “Things are going the wrong way fast.” “I’m thankful you […]

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Points by Joe Six Pack

Liberals and other weaklings are destroying our country with this extreme and shortsighted lockdown. We conservatives have got to reestablish order. We do that by keeping in mind and acting on what President Trump and Rush Limbaugh and Fox News commentators and other patriotic geniuses tell us. First, remember that most of these poor people […]

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Trump Unglued

sad our great statues celebrating slavery and bloody civil war are being ripped apart by liberals bad as charlotesville nazis who defend our values which early twentieth century required us to dip bullets in pigs blood to kill muslim terrorists who didn’t understand they were our prisoners in their philippines

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Nuclear Bull

people who enflame my horns in spain and enjoy suicidal head butt against stake may soon be lit by nukes i watch from heaven Video of bull on fire

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Hemingway v. Fitzgerald

As a young screenwriter who helped but a little on the script of a recent movie featuring Frederic March, I’m stunned the star invites me to his lavish Beverly Hills home to watch a screening of the documentary The Spanish Earth written and narrated by Ernest Hemingway, who Frederic says will be there along with […]

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In Other Hands – Published and Available

IN OTHER HANDS — In search of stimulating stories, George Thomas Clark interviewed prostitutes in Madrid, Mexico City, Havana, and Managua and on many boulevards in the United States, and talked to detectives and rode the rough roads of social workers who deal with human trafficking, which is contemporary slavery, and toured the tattered, handmade […]

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Gypsies in Madrid

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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El Pipila

Go ahead, call me El Pípila, I do sound a bit like a turkey when I laugh and my freckled face suggests the eggs of that nutritious, earthbound bird. Come and see my statue on a hill overlooking Guanajuato. Admire my muscular legs, chest, and arms, the right of which holds high a torch I […]

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Impressions of Madrid

Would I ever want to live in Madrid? I didn’t know. I hadn’t been there so before going prepared vigorously, studying maps and scouring cyberspace and printing out stacks of material that bulged from three folders. In Madrid I annotated my reference material and encouraged local citizens to also do so. I jumped into dozens […]

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Gallery Search in Madrid

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue”

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Prostitutes in Madrid

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Dining at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid

The double-deck tour bus with top open had just completed its modern Madrid route north of downtown on shady Paseo del Prado into the chic Salamanca neighborhood where renowned Real Madrid plays soccer in a massive stadium and the most exclusive shops are found, and then back down Calle Serrano past several elegant foreign embassies […]

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Getting to Madrid

My journey to Madrid began on a Sunday morning as I drove from blistering Bakersfield down Highway 99 toward Los Angeles and punched sports talk radio but heard an ESPN guy strain to be funny and cool but sounding lame: most jockeys lack comedic skills and can’t sustain the purported subject matter of their shows. […]

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Nazis Attack Karl Schmitt-Rottluff

This story is part of the collection Paint it Blue

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Franco Beholds Guernica

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue” To view “Guernica,” please click here Sources: Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid; Wikipedia – Guernica, Francisco Franco; Spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk.

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The Young Ribera

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Angry Subjects of Antonio Lopez in Madrid

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Diary of Osama bin Laden

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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