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The Kavanaugh Defense

Yeah, I liked beer in high school and college. Didn’t you, Senator? No, I never passed out. I just went to sleep. That’s not blacking out. How about you, Senator, do you black out when drinking. Okay, you don’t have a drinking problem and neither do I and I never did. It doesn’t matter that […]

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young brett kavanaugh shoulda avoided keggers

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Confirmation 1991

on college stage in red bakersfield anita hill says she wasn’t filing sexual harassment suit against clarence thomas she was stating that character does matter and today she worries the current president glorifies predation

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Deli Delight

I was hungry and the manager of the gallery showing wild faces said the deli across the street’s world famous go on over and get something. Okay I said and pressed the steel arrow to red-light busy Melrose Ave. and allow me to cross. Inside the deli large glass cases featured food I began studying […]

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Humane Capital Punishment

The European Union insisted Germany stop supplying American prisons with sodium thiopental, an anesthetic that had frequently been used in three-drug lethal injections. Penal authorities responded by brewing some unproven compounds, and last week relatives and attorneys of Dennis McGuire complained he experienced cruel and unusual punishment during execution since the new intravenous two-drug cocktail […]

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Death Sentences in Iraq

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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