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Mitt Romney Frames New Policy for Middle East

You already know our soon-to-be-ex President Barack Obama apologized for American values, principally free speech and a dimwit’s right to make a bad film insulting the Prophet Muhammad, before and after our Libyan consulate was attacked in Benghazi and Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others were murdered. And soon we saw how President Obama’s […]

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Free and Happy

I ask you to be nuanced and refrain from mistakenly lumping me with herd of Wahhabi Muslim clerics who crave keeping women masked and Saudi Arabia manacled in Middle Ages. Though aged and inbred, I, King Abdullah, have transcended some of most repressive tendencies of country, region, and religion, and have as well rather nervously […]

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Obama’s Letter to the Arab League

Dear Leaders of the Arab League, Respectfully I acknowledge you are key political, economic, and social powerbrokers for twenty-two Arab nations encompassing more than five million square miles in the Middle East and North Africa, and last month I watched as you suspended Libya, and thus its unstable dictator Muammar Gaddafi, from your organization and, […]

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