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Why Saudi Oil was Attacked

You want to know who is responsible for the drone strikes that blasted the world’s largest oil distribution facility and temporarily knocked out half of Saudi Arabia’s production. Let’s follow the trail. China, Russia, the United States, and Europeans allies bargained arduously with Iran and in 2015 the nations signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of […]

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Badass John Bolton

I must tell you that we are in great danger because the Iranians are planning to attack American personnel in the Middle East. This I know because I’m very shrewd analyzing intelligence, and that’s how I knew Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was preparing to start World War III. Every day I […]

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Mike Pompeo Preaches in Cairo

(Highlights from the recent Cairo speech by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo) I’m always eager to visit Egypt, a land I know so well, and am especially happy this time because I’m an evangelical Christian arriving soon after the Coptic Church celebrated Christmas here in beautiful Cairo. “We are all children of Abraham: Christians, Muslims, […]

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Yemen Saved?

trump and mohammed bin salman mourn bipartisan senate vote to stop their slaughter of yemenis

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Smiling in Saudi Arabia

I love being Mike Pompeo because, as secretary of state, I get lots of exciting jobs. Today I’m in Saudi Arabia with young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. We’re two husky fellows – don’t call us fat – and we’re very happy and smiling big. We really like each other and we love each other’s […]

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Calling Donald Trump

“Is it really him?” asks Donald Trump. “It certainly sounds like the man I’ve often spoken to,” says an unnamed advisor. “Hand me the phone. This is President Trump. Is this really Jamal Khashoggi?” “It is,” says the caller. “Are you all right?” “No, President Trump, I am not.” “There’ve been some pretty bad stories […]

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Mitt Romney Frames New Policy for Middle East

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Free and Happy in Saudi Arabia

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Obama’s Letter to the Arab League

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