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Assad Welcomes Arab League

What arrogance, what ignorance my enemies in Syria and abroad daily show. They should understand I’ve given the Arab league permission to travel and observe my country and verify my regime is lawful, popular, and restrained. True, I did promise to withdraw my security forces and was so doing in Homs and elsewhere when Al […]

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Obama’s Letter to the Arab League

Dear Leaders of the Arab League, Respectfully I acknowledge you are key political, economic, and social powerbrokers for twenty-two Arab nations encompassing more than five million square miles in the Middle East and North Africa, and last month I watched as you suspended Libya, and thus its unstable dictator Muammar Gaddafi, from your organization and, […]

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Gaddafi Counterattacks

My opponents are not merely traitorous, they’re delusional, and I laughed at reports of their naïveté when told my powerful counterattacking forces had already recaptured the vital oil-production port of Ras Lanuf. “Oh, no, that’s just another Gaddafi lie,” they drunkenly shouted from Benghazi, our second largest city. By the time they accepted Ras Lanuf […]

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