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Kerry Challenges Assad

We have unassailable evidence Bashar al-Assad gassed Syrian civilians in vile attempt to retain stranglehold on country. What we don’t have is war-winning military option. Americans don’t want to fight in Syria and neither do allies. It’s therefore incumbent on me, as decorated and oft-wounded warrior, to stand up and challenge Assad to hand-to-hand combat. […]

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Letter to President Bush: You Rose from the Canvas

Dear President Bush, It’s astonishing what preceded your comeback.  First, you got your ears boxed the week before by a debating opponent who reduced you to a series of inane and lethargic utterances.  Then you received another public report emphasizing your error in asserting that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.  At the same time […]

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Take Note, Security Moms: Kerry Manhandles Bush in First Debate

Many folks from all points on the political spectrum had begun conceding the election to our robust and resolute warrior-president.  They had to.  The polls were revealing the most horrifying perception of John Kerry.  Married middle class white women, whose support he’d been counting on, had decided he couldn’t protect them as well as George […]

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The Howard Dean Roar

I’ve got to start watching more TV.  I missed Howard Dean’s punching and teeth clenching while he roared he was going to vanquish a long list of states.  Unfortunately for Dean, he sounded like he envisioned an advance similar to General Sherman’s en route to Atlanta.  By the time he finished that throat ripping “Yeeeaaaaaahhhh,” […]

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