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OBAMA ON EDGE in Trade Paperback

“OBAMA ON EDGE” will be available in trade paperback in about a week. We’ll be offering some review copies on Goodreads. George Thomas Clark on Goodreads

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Ambassador’s Father

father of u.s. libyan ambassador chris stevens says abhorrent to politicize son’s death in presidential campaign

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Assad Welcomes Arab League

What arrogance, what ignorance my enemies in Syria and abroad daily show. They should understand I’ve given the Arab league permission to travel and observe my country and verify my regime is lawful, popular, and restrained. True, I did promise to withdraw my security forces and was so doing in Homs and elsewhere when Al […]

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Gaddafi Curtain Call

a star I remain dedicated to arouse people coming to view their leader still handsome albeit bruised and bloody bearing some holes stretched on old mattress in vegetable freezer at shopping center where extended hours prevail

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Gaddafi Parade

wherever he is gaddafi knows wounded worms are marching

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Free and Happy

I ask you to be nuanced and refrain from mistakenly lumping me with herd of Wahhabi Muslim clerics who crave keeping women masked and Saudi Arabia manacled in Middle Ages. Though aged and inbred, I, King Abdullah, have transcended some of most repressive tendencies of country, region, and religion, and have as well rather nervously […]

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Obama’s Letter to the Arab League

Dear Leaders of the Arab League, Respectfully I acknowledge you are key political, economic, and social powerbrokers for twenty-two Arab nations encompassing more than five million square miles in the Middle East and North Africa, and last month I watched as you suspended Libya, and thus its unstable dictator Muammar Gaddafi, from your organization and, […]

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Muammar Gaddafi Vows No Mercy

I feel like Alexander the Great. I feel better. He was weak and died young. I’m the indestructible leader of Libya and more powerful by the minute as my patriotic forces rout contemptible, drug-crazed traitors who’ve betrayed me. Now, on the precipice of eternal victory, I say to heathens plotting against me in the West: […]

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Gaddafi Counterattacks

My opponents are not merely traitorous, they’re delusional, and I laughed at reports of their naïveté when told my powerful counterattacking forces had already recaptured the vital oil-production port of Ras Lanuf. “Oh, no, that’s just another Gaddafi lie,” they drunkenly shouted from Benghazi, our second largest city. By the time they accepted Ras Lanuf […]

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Egomania Inside and Outside Libya

Let’s remember that Muammar Gaddafi is not the only egomaniac threatening to destroy the liberation movement of the Libyan people. While Gaddafi, using tanks and planes and semi-professional troops against brave but untrained and lightly-armed patriots, is starting to build momentum by regaining some recently-lost cities and territory, there are reports the dictator may be […]

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Israel in New Middle East

(This memorandum from a leading Israeli think tank was released late last night.) Israelis who say we’re worried but not afraid are either fools or liars, and I suspect the latter. Of course we’re afraid. We’re but six million souls surrounded by three hundred million potential enemies. Now the Arabs, clear to everyone not suffering […]

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Muammar Gaddafi on Fire

I’m not drugged. I’m taking medications to soothe my nerves and have for years. But many of our Libyan youths are drugged and now crazed followers of Jihadists and will have to be executed in accordance with Libyan law. My rule must be maintained or Libya will become an Al Qaeda base. I’m a bulwark […]

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Gaddafi’s Daughter Joins Saddam’s Exciting Legal Team

Google and Yahoo are search engines of astonishing reach and daily utility but I’m a little disappointed in them tonight: they were only able to provide one picture of Aisha Gaddafi, daughter of Muammar and newest member of the rapidly growing Saddam legal team that now numbers twenty-one professional and hundreds of volunteer lawyers.  If […]

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