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The Third Kominsky Season

Did you see the first two seasons of The Kominsky Method? Hell of a Netflix miniseries like two or three long movies good as anything I’ve seen. And I’m not saying that because my son Michael Douglas stars in and executive produces the project. I give plenty of credit to the rest of the cast […]

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Beer Can Dan

In the spring of last year I was invited to a dinner party featuring about ten people from our high school class as well as a few spouses they’d later met. Eager to revive youthful experiences, I drove from Bakersfield more than four hours up the gut of the Central Valley to Sacramento where I […]

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Babe and Billy

“Hey, Kid, get out here,” Babe says, inhaling cold air and exhaling hard. “This place is our Yankee Stadium.” A wiry man of medium height appears and says, “How about you quit calling me Kid.” “I’ll be happy to, soon as I learn your name.” “How long you need? I’ve been here thirty years.” “I’ve […]

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Happy Hairston in Shower

On a fall evening in 1967, Rick Barry isn’t at Sacramento High School. Neither is Oscar Robertson. Barry after two splendid seasons with the San Francisco Warriors is sitting out this one in order to later earn more money by playing in the wild new American Basketball Association of multi-colored balls and three-point shots. I […]

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Bogie in Brief

Dad’s a great guy and doctor until investments plunge and morphine soars. Mother paints pretty children far from her nerves. One sister dies young the other’s not right. I escape to Broadway where some call me next Valentino. After plays I caress ladies smoking and drinking till dawn. First time in Hollywood executives ignore me […]

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stalker aims at breasts she removes

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Death on the High School Website

Last fall, just before deadline, I bought a ticket to the forty-year reunion of my high school class in Sacramento. I wanted to see about ninety percent of the people on the party list but had hesitated, fearing that a few of the rest might say something insulting and there’d be unpleasantness so a few […]

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