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Kerry Kennedy Speaks

Kerry Kennedy is in Bakersfield, speaking in behalf of Democrats and the United Farm Workers. Here is a link to my creative feature “Discussion with Cesar Chavez” in which Kerry is mentioned. Discussion with Cesar Chavez

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I’m not going to degrade myself running against that lazy rich boy in the 1960 Democratic primaries. The nation will surely drop him once I enter the presidential race right before the convention. Americans understand the country needs a man like Lyndon Johnson, not some runt who was handed a silver spoon the day he […]

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Who Creates Jobs?

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Update JFK

Mister President sorry to reveal Bobby was assassinated in sixty-eight right after winning California primary. Jackie fled to marry Aristotle Onassis and died of cancer at age sixty-four. Dashing John John was popular but crashed plane when only thirty-eight. Caroline’s fine but says you know a lot.

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Barack Marijuana

Flanked by secret service agents I entered Oval Office and was stunned to see several people circled around presidential desk, inhaling, coughing, and passing pungent marijuana. As female aide placed joint to lips President Barack Obama lunged by three people, snatched smoke from her hands, shouted, “Intercepted,” and took deep drag he long held, as […]

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Romney’s Preparations for Republican Convention Speech

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Women in Television News

In the vast and luxurious clubhouse of Seven Oaks Country Club, the League of Women Voters of Kern County hosts three female veterans of television news broadcasting in Bakersfield. Prior to their appearance the audience is treated to cashews and cake and a political history lesson: eleven states allowed women’s suffrage before the Nineteenth Amendment […]

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Photos in Box

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Black”

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Another Obama is Hitler Letter

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Richard Nixon Where Are You

Richard Nixon called his first congressional opponent a commie, in ‘fifty senatorial race painted Helen Gahagan Duglas pink before trouncing her, and as vice president under Eisenhower snuggled with Joe McCarthy. By late ‘fifties he already wanted to invade Castro’s Cuba which however imperfect had just freed itself from American lackey Batista. After losing, perhaps […]

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Romney Cares

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Love Immigrants

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Interview with Robert F. Kennedy

gtc – could you as promised have really gotten u.s. out of vietnam rfk – certainly at least couple months before richard nixon did gtc – how would world be different if you’d been president rfk – based on my real accomplishments and everything that’s happened since would be about same gtc – would anything […]

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Updates for John F. Kennedy

mister president sorry to tell you bobby assassinated in ‘sixty eight right after winning california primary jackie fled to marry aristotle onassis died of cancer age sixty four john john dashing and popular but crashed plane age thirty eight caroline fine but says you know a lot

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Executive Prowess

executives eat wallow and dump in your face

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Perry to Romney

put yur hand on me again pardner i’ll kick yur ass

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Stable Politics

democrats and republicans unite in the same stable

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Obama Analyzes Opposition

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Michele Bachmann Sweet

short and slender wrapped up sweet

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Michelle Obama Arms

your long arms squeeze

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Hank Williams, Please

hank williams please goose step to a mirror before belching hitler

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Education of Ulysses S. Grant

I loved this wonderful horse that cost twenty-five dollars but when the owner brought it to our house my father said it wasn’t worth more than twenty and that’s what he offered. The owner wouldn’t yield and left but I so earnestly urged my father to help he gave me confidential instructions and ordered me […]

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Rand Paul Races into Spotlight

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Richard Nixon Rebuts Frost/Nixon

Don’t for a second think I’m upset by this new Frost/Nixon movie.  My enemies again tried to get Nixon and again they failed.  Watch documentary films of my speeches and interviews and you’ll hear an unusually articulate politician.  Actor Frank Langella portrayed me as a stiff-necked and tormented bumbler.  If you know Nixon the leader, […]

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Obama Activists Target Graffiti

The afternoon before President Barack Obama raised his right hand and strode into history, a few thousand action groups, summoned by an email Obama transmitted through his website, gathered in communities across the nation for the spiritual purpose of expressing unity and the utilitarian one of helping to rebuild a crumbling infrastructure.  In Bakersfield, California […]

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The Obama Store

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Politicians Condemn Your Debt, Deepen Theirs

I wasn’t looking for anything controversial, just a few quick early-morning facts before I began work.  I suppose I should have been reading an almanac instead of a newspaper, for on one page an article explained why many people are sinking in credit card debt and on the other side a headline announced the United […]

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Fear Not, California – Bakersfield Shall Save You

Have you been to Bakersfield?  Ask that of most people in California and they’ll say, “No, but I’ve been through it.”  They just kept on rolling over parched Central Valley earth en route to Los Angeles or the Bay Area.  Why didn’t they stop?  Perhaps they were startled or saddened by the eternal glare from […]

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Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004

Yesterday, for the first time, I missed the collection of about 300 old movies on Beta tapes I’d seen so often and given away three years earlier. I would like to have grabbed Santa Fe Trail and watched the dashing Ronald Reagan, then in his late twenties, play the supporting role of General George Custer.  […]

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