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Hand of Orozco

Chemistry class like all others is boring but mandatory and we’re only trying to enliven it with a gunpowder experiment whose eruption prompts a zealous doctor to amputate my left hand and then place his saw on my right before a more stable soul grabs his arm and insists he work to save the hand […]

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Mexico City – Blog Tour on Goodreads

Mexico City is a beautiful and exciting place. Check it out on my Blog Tour

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Distress in Polanco

Penelope, an art gallery owner in Houston, and Clyde, a building contractor, married two months after meeting last year, fueled by lust and undeterred by different interests. Penelope detested football and baseball, so Clyde never insisted she watch either in person or on TV. Clyde didn’t understand contemporary art but graciously attended most opening night […]

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David Alfaro Siqueiros Rides Again

Late on a 1940 spring night David Alfaro Siqueiros mounted a horse and ordered comrades from the Spanish Civil War, whom he’d commanded as a tough colonel, and fellow Mexican communists to also mount up and secure their automatic rifles before riding hard to the villa, in Coyoacán south of Mexico City, where Leon Trotsky […]

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