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Humane Capital Punishment

The European Union insisted Germany stop supplying American prisons with sodium thiopental, an anesthetic that had frequently been used in three-drug lethal injections. Penal authorities responded by brewing some unproven compounds, and last week relatives and attorneys of Dennis McGuire complained he experienced cruel and unusual punishment during execution since the new intravenous two-drug cocktail […]

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money men who rage against crime appreciate stylish new gallows on wall street

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General Jerry Brown Promotes Executions

It is my ultimate honor as a warrior and patriot to campaign for governor of California in the manner of General Patton, wearing a three-star helmet, a pearl-handle pistol on each hip, and gleaming combat boots on my fast-moving feet. I am Jerry Brown 2010, and have banished the gubernatorial space cadet of the 1970’s […]

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