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In Other Hands: Revised Edition – On Sale

IN OTHER HANDS: REVISED EDITION – eBooks on Sale – $0.99 Riveting stories about victims of human trafficking, prostitution, poverty, and homelessness. Amazon.com Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo Books, and wherever books are sold

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Honduran Heat Revisited

Honduran money’s in few hands closed to rusty prison where every cell’s sealed and sole set of keys dropped by guard fleeing fire. Outside, guards blocked firefighters and shot at few prisoners not trapped in cells. Most screamed as fried or suffocated but quit carrying on when charred in stacks totaling three hundred fifty-five stinking […]

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In Other Hands – The First Review Arrives

In Other Hands: Revised Edition Amazon.com – Top Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars Drugs – Homeless – Prostitutes- Human Trafficking and more By Charles Halter on September 23, 2016 I thought I knew all I wanted to know about drugs, the homeless, prostitutes, human trafficking and the poverty stricken. Well, I’ll tell you […]

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Van Gogh In the Road

On an exotic summer Sunday I step into the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and head not toward a vision but a sound. “It’s the light or, rather, the lack of light in The Outskirts of Paris that makes this dirt road and the man in it faceless and gray and in need of southern […]

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Must Sell

I’m just the old night watchman, now called security guard, making sure no one steals or vandalizes the cars. I’m not against Joe. I’ve often seen him pushing his grocery cart by the lot very late, and sometimes we said hello, but he always kept going, until tonight when he stops and brings wire-cutters out […]

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The Ragpicker

“Sir, I’ve admired you for years,” I tell The Ragpicker. “People in Paris saw a man carrying a long stick, and usually crossed the street.” “They’re forgotten. You’re a masterpiece visited by thousands a week in the Norton Simon Museum.” “They also see a bum.” “It’s your suffering people appreciate when they gaze at your […]

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Objective, Atherton

Don’t misunderstand, I love the plains of Atherton but even more the hills where I can gaze over the Silicon Valley and dream I’ll someday be part of this. I know I’m not now. I live in a Section 8 studio in Modesto and can only drive to the Bay Area once a month for […]

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Guy Rose Paints a Peasant

“Pardon me, Madame,” I say in French to a lady framed in the Crocker Art Museum. “May I ask you a few questions?” “You can see I’m busy, I reckon.” “Yes, but you’ve been at this task a long time and I thought you could take a little break.” “I’ll keep working, go ahead and […]

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Airport Taxi

Mark didn’t like late night arrivals at any airport especially in Mexico City where some people get hyper when they see a gringo. He should’ve been ready when a young man rushed up and in Spanish said, “Here, Señor, come with me.” “Where?” “To a place with no lines and low taxi fares.” “Taxis are […]

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The Final Round

I’m sick of being poor and living in a slum. I’m tired of being hungry. I want a nice house and car and good clothes and someday I want a family. I’m not going to get those things through school in Indonesia. There are too many students and I don’t like school much, anyway, and […]

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Employment Agent

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Night Court

This story is from the collection “Paint it Blue”

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Elegant Quito Home of Maria Augusta Urrutia

I tell the taxi driver I’m looking for a splendid residence in downtown Quito, and he drives me into the historical center and to the home of Maria Augusta Urrutia. From outside, the house, though two tall stories, looks rather small and narrow, cramped by contiguous buildings, but upon entering I see a courtyard and […]

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money men who rage against crime appreciate stylish new gallows on wall street

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Amiri Baraka Clears Mind

decades ago when poet amiri baraka’s surname jones rebuked for obscenity by langston hughes in essay “that boy leroi” boy now almost eighty on stage with fiftyish daughter at hammer museum and can’t remember abstract impressionist painter who dripped jackson pollock she said and the mexican muralist my man diego rivera she said baraka generally […]

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Concerned Citizen

eli constantly rails online denouncing greedy bemoaning hungry as shoves more food into belly

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Haiti Mauled Again

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Obama Activists Target Graffiti

The afternoon before President Barack Obama raised his right hand and strode into history, a few thousand action groups, summoned by an email Obama transmitted through his website, gathered in communities across the nation for the spiritual purpose of expressing unity and the utilitarian one of helping to rebuild a crumbling infrastructure.  In Bakersfield, California […]

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